Ja, natürlich!

Eat & Drink

In the Altmühltal Nature Park variety characterizes the cuisine, too. Here you will find specialities prepared with fresh ingredients from the region and traditional Bavarian recipes that can be savoury and substantial or light and delicate instead.

Lamb meat is a regional speciality, known as “Altmühltaler Lamm”. Sheep graze on juniper meadows and dry grasslands according to a concept of itinerant breeding that makes their meat particularly tender and aromatic. You will find this delicacy on the menu of many restaurants together with just-caught fish, tender-meat game and delicate dishes that re-discover aromatic herbs from the kitchen garden and the woods according to a modern interpretation. Obviously, there are also traditional Bavarian dishes such as pork shin, crispy roast and grilled sausages.

You will have the chance of tasting these specialities in the open-air beer gardens, inns and restaurants of the Altmühltal Nature Park... maybe with beers produced in the region.