Ja, natürlich!
Dinosaurier-Park Altmühltal Denkendorf

Fossils in the Altmühltal Nature Park

The Altmühltal Nature Park is a perfect place for searching for fossils. Some of its stone quarries are accessible to the public. You will also get to know the fascinating dinosaur world in the interesting museums of the region. Here you will “make acquaintance” of the famous Archaeopteryx fossil, the link in the evolutionary chain that connects reptiles to birds!

Dinosaurs in the Wood

At the “Dinosaurier Museum Altmühltal” you will come face-to-face with life-sized reconstructions of the primeval giants.

Dinosauriermuseum in Denkendorf Familie im Freien

Treasure hunting in stone quarries

Ammonites and other fossils hidden among limestone slabs are waiting only to be uncovered!

Fossilien sammeln in den Steinbrüchen des Altmühltals

“Stars” among the region’s fossils

The “primeval bird” Archaeopteryx, small predatory dinosaurs and other extraordinary finds from the Altmühltal Nature Park.


Fossils at the Museum

The museums of the region are like an open window on the Jurassic world.

Jura-Museum in Eichstätt - Besucher an Vitrine


Prospekt Fossilien

Fossiliensammeln – ein Erlebnis für die ganze Familie

Ausgrabungsset Fossilien

Ausgrabungsset Fossilien

Echte Versteinerungen mit Werkzeug ...

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WAS IST WAS - FOSSILIEN Spuren des Lebens

Was ist Was

Band 69

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Plüschtier "Fossi" (10 cm)

Plüschtier "Fossi"

Maskottchen des Naturpark Altmühltal

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Spiel "Duo Geologisch"


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