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Bootwanderer auf der Altmühl
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Canoeing on the Altmühl

Fun for Everyone on the Altmühl

Each leg has its own charm: just think about the impressive rocks called “12 Apostles” near Solnhofen and the picturesque nature reserve of the Gungolding heathlands dotted with junipers.

The Altmühl is practicable for 154 km that you can divide into legs of different length. Besides practising sport, you can relax in the Nature... and then end your canoeing day with a romantic dinner sitting round the fire by the river.

Enjoy your holiday!

  • Length:

    162 km

  • Travelling time approx.:

    8 Days

  • GPX

Tipps und Infos rund um Technik und richtiges Verhalten beim Bootwandern.

Flusserlebnis Altmühl - Wo Mensch und Natur sich begegnen (05:30) Vorschaubild

Conduct rules and useful hints for your canoe trip

The Altmühl is a slow river, suitable to all those who want to undertake a river boat trip. However, some rules and advices should be considered.

Pegelstände der Altmühl vor Beginn der Tour prüfen

Ist der Pegel zu niedrig, sollte die Altmühl nicht befahren werden.

Erfahre hier die Pegeluntergrenzen.

Canoeing in the Danube Valley

Between Vohburg and Kelheim till Bad Abbach also the Danube can be explored in a canoe or a different boat. This section of the river is particularly charming because of its unique landscape, which is definitely well worth preserving. But also, the fast-flowing water (8 km/h) is alluring.

Bootwanderer auf der AltmühlDie Altmühl - FlussimpressionBootwandern auf der Altmühl bei Kottingwörth

Brief Information

Travelling time approx.: 8 Days

More information

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