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Wanderer bei Sonnenuntergang


There is plenty of events taking place throughout the year in the Altmühltal Nature Park. Here you will find much more than just “beer & music”!

You will meet Romans and Renaissance characters, sit round the fire with Lansquenets and even stroll in a Baroque market. Moreover, you will have a chance to listen to concerts and attend plays both in historical buildings and by natural stages under the tree canopy. Obviously, you will also taste local delicacies, too, which are key elements of fairs, markets and weeks devoted to special events. If you are looking for an enthralling experience, you should not miss the many events organized on board of the ships that navigate along the Danube and the Main-Danube canal.

To tell the truth, sometimes we remember small events with more pleasure than larger happenings: just think of taking part in a traditional fair in good company or happily celebrating at open-air events on historical squares... Even though they have roots in a distant past, in the Altmühltal Nature Park many traditions are still lively and enthralling. For instance the representations of Christ’s Passion, the Corpus Christi processions, all of the carnival customs, the horse procession in St. Leonard’s honour (“Leonhardiritten”) or the characteristic “cooper dance”, which takes place every seven years only.

Neuburger Schlossfest Palace Festival

Neuburger Schlossfest

Neuburg a.d. Donau is pleased to invite you at a journey through time back to the Renaissance.

Triathlon DATEV Challenge Roth

The Triathlon Challenge Roth attracts top athletes from all over the world who ride through the Altmühltal Nature Park by bike.

To the Theatre... in the Wood: Bergwaldtheater Weißenburg

Bergwaldtheater Weißenburg

A romantic stage for concerts and plays in the wood.

The Chinese Carnival

Welcome to the “Bavarian China”! This is the way of celebrating carnival in Dietfurt, with joy and cheerfulness.

Carnival Traditions

The so-called “fifth season” is celebrated with traditional characters and ancient customs.

The Fuchsia and Herb Market

Fuchsien- und Kräutermarkt in Wemding

In the Springtime this colourful market livens up Wemding with beautiful flowers.

Up with Hats

Mut zum Hut

In Autumn Neuburg an der Donau hosts a large hat exhibition attracting hatters from all over the world.

"Canal in Flames" and “Berchinale” Light Art Shows


The Medieval old town of Berching is brightened up by spectacular fireworks and works of light art.

Charming Concerts’ Locations

Jazzkonzert in Neuburg an der Donau

When taking place in Baroque or Rococo halls concerts have a very special charm.

The Altmühltal Lamb

Altmühltaler Lammkönigin

Special events must be celebrated properly, e.g. when the Altmühltal lambs are taken up to mountain pastures in Summer and then come back in Autumn.

Roman Festivals

Römerfest „Salve Abusina“ in Eining

The antique Roman world comes back to life during the historical festivals of Eining and Weißenburg.

Celebrating on Board

Sonnwendfeier im Altmühltal © Rainer Schneck

The best way of celebrating solstices and Autumn is certainly a boat trip with fireworks.

Historical Traditions: Weißenburg and the "Schützenzeche"

Reichsstädtische Schützenzeche

Weißenburg honours its marksman associations with a century-old tradition.

The “Stabenfest” in Nördlingen


This is the most beautiful school-day for the children from Nördlingen, and it turns into a feast day for the whole family, too.

"Tillyfest", A Great Historical Festival


Breitenbrunn honours the general Tilly with a journey through time back to the Thirty Years’ war.

Traditional Costumes at the "Gredinger Trachtenmarkt"

At this market you can see traditional costumes everywhere. Of course there are also music, plays, delicacies and great cheerfulness, too.

Christmas Markets

Weihnachtsmarkt Eichstätt

During Advent the year slowly draws to a close with Christmas markets with their charming historic backdrops, which fill the squares with thousands of sparkling lights and the spicy smell of hot-mulled wine.