Ja, natürlich!
Altmühltaler Lammkönigin

Themed Events on the Altmühltal Lamb

The sheep herds that graze on meadows dotted with junipers during the warm months have been one of the shaping elements of the landscape typical of the Atmühltal Nature Park. Without the "Altmühltal Lamb", vegetation will quickly cover the valley slopes. Thus, sheep-farming culture is very important for the region. Moreover, this kind of itinerant breeding makes the sheep’s meat particularly good tasting.

Every year the sheep plays a key rle in two traditional events: in Spring the "Altmühltal lambs" are driven to Summer high pastures through Mörnsheim and in Autumn they come back through Böhming, near Kipfenberg. On both occasions, specialties based on lamb meat and other traditional dishes are prepared. A shepherds and handicraftsmen’s market takes place, too, with a rich supporting program and many children’s activities.