Ja, natürlich!
Römerfest „Salve Abusina“ in Eining

Roman Festivals in the Altmühltal Nature Park

The antique Roman world comes back to life during the historical festivals in the Altmühltal Nature Park, on the northern border of the ancient Empire. "Salve Abusina" takes place in August in Eining, near Bad Gögging. Here Roman legionaries live everyday-life in their encampments and gladiators fight in thrilling duels. Moreover, visitors can take part in many activities and experience peculiar moments of antique Romans’ everyday-life, e.g. wrapping themselves in a Roman toga or shaping clay according to techniques used at that time. The activity program gives a comprehensive and amazing overview of everyday-life in Roman encampments with food and music as in the Roman era, guided tours and fire shows.

Furthermore, every two years Weißenburg invites to a journey backwards in time. At the Roman festival "Römerfest", many costume groups quarter on the site of the former Roman encampment Castrum Biriciana: they fill the shoes of antique Romans and Germans and make their age come back to life through activities and displays that involve visitors, too.