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"Burgsteinfelsen" Rock Formation

These rocks in shape of towers are one of the most beautiful Bavarian geotopes, selected by the Bavarian Regional Bureau for Environment. The imposing Burgsteinfelsen rock formation is part of a calcareous platform that settled in the flat subtropical sea, which covered the region during the Upper Jurassic.

Up to 2 mm-sized calcareous spherules that form only in running water are present in a substantial part of the rocky structure of this calcareous platform. They prove that the Burgsteinfelsen has been shaped by the constant action of the Palaeo-Danube and Altmühl rivers.

Today we use the term "geotope" to generally define a key area where it is possible to collect information on the development of Earth and life and that is both relevant from a scientific point of view and significant for the community. These areas are preserved rigorously because in the majority of cases it is impossible to restore a destroyed geotope. In order to make the beauty and peculiarity of the Burgsteinfelsen rock formation accessible to visitors with all of its distinctiveness, an educational and information board has been placed on the spot.

Moreover, the Burgsteinfelsen is an outstanding example of harmonious coexistence of nature preservation and use for recreational purposes. Many years ago, climbers began practising their challenging sport on the 30 climbing routes graded from IV to IX on the 45 m-high block of rock. In addition, its walls get dry really fast providing ideal climbing conditions even in autumn and winter.




The Burgsteinfelsen rock formation is located on the northern side of the valley between Dollnstein and Breitenfurt and is visible from afar.

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