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Steindruckmuseum Gunzenhausen
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Fossils and Lithography Museum “Fossilien- und Steindruck-Museum”

Steindruckmuseum Gunzenhausen

The "Fossilien- und Steindruckmuseum" exhibits fossils from all over the world and proves the cultural and scientific importance of the limestone slabs of Solnhofen.

The museum in Gunzenhausen highlights the uniqueness of the fossils uncovered in the region through a large collection of plants and animals that lived here about 150 million years ago. Some rests of the small predator dinosaur Compsognathus were found in limestone slabs and today they are exhibited in front of the reproduced skeleton of a 7 m-long Plateosaurus.
Many fossils and fossilizations coming from all over the world complete the exhibition. A dedicated section explains the importance of the Solnhofen slabs for lithography, developed by Alois Senefelder in 1798.
Modern multimedia presentations as well as demonstrations on printing and other interesting subjects turn a visit to the museum into a very special experience.

More information on tickets, opening hours etc. is available at http://www.fossilien-und-steindruck-museum.de/


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Opening hours

From Maundy Thursday to the end of November:
weekly from Thursday through Sunday
from 10 am to noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm


The Fossilien- und Steindruck-Museum is located in the centre of Gunzenhausen. This town is conveniently situated in the hinterland of Nuremberg, Ansbach and Weißenburg. Thus, it can be easily reached both by car and by train. When you are in the town centre, please follow the museum's signposts.

Car parking: directly in front of the museum
Nearest bus stop: Weißenburger Straße (about 50 m)