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willibaldsburg Wiese mit Gänseblühmchen
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Museum of Palaeontology and Archaeology "Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte"

Mamut Ur- und Frühgeschichte Museum

The Museum for Palaeontology and Archaeology at Willibaldsburg (castle and fortification named after St. Willibald) covers the region’s history of development from the Stone Age to the Early Middle Ages. The skeletons of a mammoth, a cave hyena, a reindeer and a double burial of the Merovingian dynasty are the greatest attractions at this museum.

ATTENTION please: Some parts of the castle are undergoing restoration works at present. The courtyard is closed. Only the botanical garden “Bastionsgarten” and the Museum’s area in the “Gemmingenbau” are open. At present visitors can access the museums and the botanical garden from the Mondscheinweg road. It is not possible to reach the castle by car and park there. The “Burgschänke” castle inn is closed. For further information please contact the security service at 0049-(0)8421-6029828.

Representative of the Celtic culture are, amongst others, a sword dating from the 4th century BCE. The finds from the Roman Age are particularly manifold, for example those from the castellum at Pfünz and the only groma (Roman survey equipment) extant north of the Alps.

Funde aus der Zeit der MerowingerMammutskelett im Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte


Adults: €4.00
Kids 17 and under, accompanied by their parents: free
Concessions: €3.00
Groups (minimum: 15 people): €3.00 pp (ticket also valid for Jura-Museum)

Tours bookable for €25.00 (maximum: 30 people)

Opening hours

April till September
Tuesday till Sunday, on public holidays: 9:00AM till 6:00PM

October till March
Tuesday till Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 4:00PM

9:00AM till 6:00PM

9:00AM till 6:00PM

Heiligabend, Erster Weihnachtstag, Silvester, Neujahr and Faschingsdienstag

Apr – Sep:
Tue – Sun 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Oct – Mar:
Tue – Sun 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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Further attractions at Willibaldsburg: garden "hortus eystettensis"

Bastionsgarten mit Pflanzen aus dem Hortus Eystettensis



Jura-Museum Eichstätt


A limited number of bus parking lots is available in the school's area at about 400 m from in the castle.