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Kesselkette im Römer und Bajuwaren Museum
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Roman and Bavarian Museum "Römer und Bajuwaren Museum"

Biergarten des Römer und Bajuwaren Museums Kipfenberg

Living history! The Römer und Bajuwaren Museum is located directly on the Limes among the Roman heritage sites. It connects the knowledge of history to the direct contact with its events in a fascinating and captivating way. At the museum, you will also find the Limes Information Point "Infopoint Limes" as well as a café both indoor and outdoor in the beautiful garden, and a shop with a wide variety of specialized books and gifts related to the museum exhibition.

The archaeological section of the museum housed in a historical fortified area of the castle presents the building and downfall of the Limes, which today is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can experience the everyday life of a soldier in the ancient Raetia province personally. In this section, visitors also get to know the rise of the ancient Bavarians ("Bajuwaren") from the ruins of the Germanic migration period.

In the 1990s, the grave of a Germanic warrior rich in significant grave goods was uncovered. Thanks to this sensational discovery, it is possible to date the beginning of the Modern Age in Bavaria back to the 5th century. Today, the highlight of the new museum consists of the presentation of these remarkable finds and the full-sized rebuilding of the entombment of the man who is historically considered the "first Bavarian".

Experiential elements, objects and information material merge perfectly with a number of texts and installations, whose interaction makes historical and archaeological connections understandable through a clear and faceted concept of implementation. Thanks to exhaustive explanations, visitors need neither to be already acquainted with the displayed topics nor to master specific terms for approaching the presentations that follow a logical structure and are therefore easily understandable. The museum aims mainly at awakening the interest in history. Hence, it has implemented many ideas for making historical contents captivating and instructive both for children and for grown-ups.

The selection of exhibits has intentionally been limited to the area in the immediate vicinity of the Römer und Bajuwaren Museum in order to offer a unique opportunity to its visitors: reaching all of the historical monuments presented in the museum on foot and getting to know them directly.

Since July 2006, the museum also hosts the Regional "Infopoint Limes" that informs comprehensively about the Roman heritage sites along the Limes (a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the Altmühltal Nature Park. Here, the reproduction of a tower’s guardroom along the Limes and the opportunity of trying Romans helmets and armours in person make history live and tangible.

Wachtstube im Römer und Bajuwaren Museum KipfenbergRömer am Limes und Völkerwanderungszeit im Erdgeschoss des Römer und Bajuwaren Museum KipfenbergBiergarten des Römer und Bajuwaren Museums Kipfenberg


Adults: 5.00 €
Reduced 2.50 € on presentation of a document (schoolchildren, students, volunteers, volunteer association cards, disabled persons, teachers)
Family ticket: 11.00 € (2 adults + children up to 18 years)
Other: 4.00 € (groups from 10 persons on, Kipfenberg guest card, persons domiciled in Kipfenberg)

Opening hours

1. January till 31. March
Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 4:00PM

1. April till 31. May
Monday till Saturday: 10:00AM till 4:00PM
Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 6:00PM

1. June till 31. August
10:00AM till 6:00PM

1. September till 31. October
10:00AM till 4:00PM

1. November till 31. December
Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 4:00PM

The museum is open on all holidays. Guided tours, excursions, museum’s educational program and birthday parties for children: upon agreement by phone.
Groups from 10 persons on: upon agreement also outside the opening times.
Please book per e-mail at least 8 days in advance.

Other attractions of the museum:
"Infopoint Limes" at the Römer und Bajuwaren Museum, Kipfenberg castle

The Museum is included in the project "Außerschulische Lernorte" (Educational Sites Outside of School).

Römer und Bajuwaren Museum
Burg Kipfenberg
85110 Kipfenberg
Tel.: +49 8465 905707


The museum is located in the former stables of the castle of Kipfenberg that soars up above the town. Kipfenberg is not far from the highway A9: exit at "Altmühltal" and/or "Denkendorf" and follow the signposts "Infopoint Limes".

in front of the museum’s entrance or at the large parking reserved to the museum near the memorial stone that marks the Geographical Centre of Bavaria ("Geografischer Mittelpunkt Bayerns"), distance: 350 m.

Bus connection (public transport ÖPNV):
Bus connections from the railway stations of Kinding and Eichstätt to the centre of Kipfenberg ("Ortsmitte"). From here, follow the marked footpath to the castle (about 20 minutes).

Parking facilities
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