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Roman Baths in Weißenburg


A Large and Exceptionally Well-Preserved Bath Complex of Roman Age

The large baths discovered in 1977 give an exciting insight into the most enjoyable side of Roman culture. In ancient times, thermae were not only a luxurious place where to relax and recover among the most different kinds of baths and a rich "wellness offer". They were also one of the most popular meeting places with many possibilities of practicing sport, playing games, drinking and eating. Undoubtedly, they were also the right place where to close deals and to gossip. Both men and women went there. However, the baths did not aim mainly at promoting entertainment, but at safeguarding people’s hygiene and health.

Visitors can easily follow the architectural development of the Roman thermae thanks to the preservation and restauration interventions that took place in the early 1980s. A scale model and the docu-drama "Power, Sumptuousness and Decline" ("Macht, Pracht und Untergang") make the former look and the ancient magnificence of the thermae and the castrum "tangible". In addition, the films "Parade Equipment of the Roman Cavalry" and "Gladiators’ Fights" ("Paraderüstungen der römischen Reiterei" and "Gladiatorenspiele") present the function of the different Roman armours and how they looked like.



Adults: 4.00 €
Reduced: 2.50 €
Families: 8.00 €

Reduced ticket: schoolchildren, students, trainees, severely disabled persons, members of volunteer associations, unemployed, groups from 15 persons on, holders of volunteer association cards -> on presentation of a document.

Opening hours

15. March till 15. November
10:00AM till 05:00PM

Following the 12th Bavarian Decree for the prevention of the Covid-19 infection (12. Bayerische Infektionsschutzverordnung), the Roman baths will be closed until further notice. However, you can still contact us by phone at 0049-(0)9141-907-124 or e-mail at tourist@weissenburg.de. Thank you for your understanding!

Other Roman heritage sites:
Castell Biriciana
Roman Museum "RömerMuseum"

The Roman baths are included in the project "Außerschulische Lernorte" (Educational Sites Outside of School).

Parkplätze für Pkw und Bus

Parkplatz Gunzenhausener Straße
Gunzenhausener Straße
91781 Weißenburg i. Bay.


Bahnhof Weißenburg (DB)
Bismarckanlage 20
91781 Weißenburg i. Bay.
Tel.: +49 800 1507090

Weitere römische Attraktionen

Kastell Biriciana


Die Thermen sind Teil des Projektes "Außerschulische Lernorte"

Außerschulische Lernorte im Naturpark Altmühltal

Außerschulische Lernorte

Broschüre für Schulklassen und Jugendgruppen

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On the western outskirts of the town of Weißenburg, not far from the large Roman castrum Biriciana

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