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Tropfsteinhöhle Schulerloch
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"Schulerloch" Karst Cave

Tropfsteinhöhle Schulerloch

On the northern slopes of the valley - about 3 km far from the town of Kelheim, towards Essing - two towers can be seen. The higher one stands at the entrance of a truly fascinating underground world: it is the "Schulerloch" karst cave, rich in stalactites and stalagmites, which was once inhabited by Neanderthals and sheltered animals during the Ice Age.

The significant finds discovered in the cave date back to those ancient times and are displayed in the exhibitions staged in the immediate vicinity of the Schulerloch. The cave is flat and therefore easily passable. Its path is entirely covered with sand and provided with electric lighting. According to the most recent measurements, the cave is 420 m long, its largest chamber has a surface of 793 m², humidity is around 80% and there is a constant temperature of 9 °C (48.2 °F; please dress properly). The cave stands out above all for its extraordinary water basin consisting of a "cup-shaped stalagmite" that is definitely one of a kind: up to now, no similar structure so separated from the surrounding environment has been discovered in the other underground cave complexes in the world.

Visitors can enter the cave only on tours guided by experts, who provide them with specific information. Guides use a microphone for larger groups. These guided tours last 30 minutes and take place half hourly every day.

In addition, in summer the cave hosts concerts regularly. The chosen musical genres harmonize perfectly with the exceptional nature of the setting and its peculiar ambience. The structure of the stage and the applied lighting underline the cave features, and the excellent natural acoustics of this place turn evening concerts into an unforgettable musical experience for all of the family. The updated concert dates are listed both in the brochure and on the website of the Schulerloch cave.

Special Highlights

New: Discover, Experience and Relax in the Schulerloch Cave!

Thanks to the employed state-of-the-art technology, sensational projections on the cave walls will take you on a journey through time. You will witness the origin of Earth, dive into the Jurassic sea, follow the flow of the Palaeo-Danube river and meet both the giants of the Ice Age and the Neanderthals.

All guided tours end with the projections of these impressive images by a great musical accompaniment.

Showing on the Celts: an eventful and instructive journey in "living archaeology". How did the Celts live and which were their peculiarities? Discover the world of our ancestors with an amusing showing that will involve you directly!

Bats: A Treasure of Science. These agile night-active masters of flight are interesting and fascinating animals that definitely deserve to be preserved and known more exhaustively.

Concerts: a series of finely tuned summer concerts that are a source of great emotions to be seen, heard and experienced.

Meditation: relax in a peaceful ambience - an unequalled experience for your body, mind and soul.

Birthday parties and exploring cave tours for children: a fantastic experience both for kids and grown-ups!

Visitors can make themselves comfortable in the café bistro with a covered terrace for savouring homemade cakes and other delicacies, refreshing drinks and coffee-based specialities.

Our harmonious and modern-furnished seminar hall hosts a wide range of events, e.g. relaxation courses, immune system strengthening courses and personal development seminars. It is also possible to rent these rooms for private events or parties.

Wasserbecken der Tropsteinhöhle SchulerlochTropfsteinhöhle SchulerlochTropfsteinhöhle Schulerloch im Herbst


Guided tour and museum

Adults: 5.50 €
Children (4-15 years): 4.00 €
Groups from 20 persons on: adults 5.00 €, children (4-15 years): 3.50 €
Children up to 3 years: admission free
Dogs allowed if kept on a lead.

Tickets for concerts and events can be purchased per e-mail, phone or at the box office.

Bus drivers and/or guides: admission free
Credit cards and ATM cards are not accepted.

Opening hours

Tuesday till Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 4:00PM

May till 8. September
Tuesday till Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 4:30PM

9. September till 3. November
Tuesday till Sunday, on public holidays: 10:00AM till 4:00PM

In the winter time, the cave is closed in order to protect the bats that live there. Please visit the website www.schulerloch.de to know exactly when the period devoted to baths preservation starts.

The last guided tour starts at 16.00 (in summer at 16.30).

You can join in a guided tour in the cave every 30 minutes. In summer, the last guided tour starts at 16.30.
For extra times and special guided tours you can visit the website www.schulerloch.de.

Groups by appointment! Upon agreement, guided tours are possible also outside the opening times.

In the winter time, the cave is closed in order to protect the bats.

Auch der Genuss kommt nicht zu kurz:

Donauwelle am Schulerloch genießen"Donauwellen" in unserem Terrassencafé!

Schulerloch und Artenschutz

Fledermaus im SchulerlochDie Tropfsteinhöhle ist Heimat der Fledermausart "Hufeisennase".


You can reach the karst cave on foot from the car and bus parking (15-20 minutes) through the broadleaf wood with a drop of 50 m. Therefore, the path is hardly passable by people with physical disabilities and is not suitable for people in a wheelchair. You will find many benches along the path.
The parking space lies directly on the only main connecting road of the Altmühltal region (state road 2230): if you come from Kelheim turn right after 4 km; if you come from Riedenburg turn left after 13 km.