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Sola Basilika Solnhofen
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St. Sola’s Basilica

Sola Basilika Solnhofen

The basilica stands out for its foundations and the remains of five churches that have been surmounted since the 6th century. The history of the building covers different ages, from about 650 AD to its demolition in 1783. The excavations have uncovered both traces of Mesolithic settlements (8000-500 BC) and remains dating back to the Celtic and Roman time.

The foundations allow to reconstruct the presence of five churches: two of them - the older ones - predate the arrival of St. Sola in “Husen” (today’s Solnhofen), while the third church could have been the building where the Saint used to collect himself in prayer. The fourth building was the first church of the cloister that was founded in 794. The fifth and last building is the three-naved Carolingian church that hosts St. Sola’s crypt and shrine.



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The excavations are to be found next to the Evangelical-Protestant church (car parking close to them).